KRAS Mutation Types, Statistics & Predictive Biomarkers
Additional KRAS G12C support and resources for you and your practice

Help eligible patients get tested for KRAS G12C through Biomarker AssistTM

Biomarker AssistTM provides savings on tests that help identify the KRAS G12C mutation. Biomarker AssistTM is comprised of two programs:

  • NGS Affordability Program: For eligible patients with commercial insurance, this program helps with reimbursement for NGS out-of-pocket costs. Patients can enroll in the program after a test is performed and the explanation of benefits are received
  • KRAS Single Gene Test (SGT) Program: This program is for eligible patients with all types of insurance plans, such as commercial, Medicare or Medicaid, or no insurance. The KRAS SGT Program allows a patient’s healthcare provider to submit a request form before a test is performed at no cost to patients
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Program is valid for testing performed through December 31, 2021.

A summary of the Biomarker AssistTM program
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Overview of the role of KRAS G12C in cancer

Downloadable resources for you and your practice

A presentation providing disease state education on NSCLC biomarkers, identification, and testing

A brochure that outlines the procedural steps for elements of the testing process, such as verifying coverage, verifying benefits, and billing, as well as a sample billing and coding form

A 2-page document that summarizes how to test, record, and report on KRAS G12C as part of a biopsy, as well as a list of reference labs in the United States that test for KRAS G12C

A resource that outlines the coverage for next-generation sequence testing for many commercial and Medicare insurance plans. A chart of steps for support coverage and prior authorization information is also included

Downloadable resources for your patients

A patient-focused disease state education resource that informs patients about biomarker testing, the KRAS G12C mutation, and other helpful guidance about these topics

A brief but detailed overview of some questions and answers for patients about the purpose of biomarker testing, what testing for KRAS G12C is meant to accomplish, and how to get tested

A 2-page outline that offers step-by-step guidance for a patient's journey through metastatic NSCLC, including testing, biomarker analysis, and personalized therapy. The second page includes a list of questions for a patient to ask their providers during each step of the journey. This educational resource was developed in partnership with The Academy of Oncology Nurse and Patient Navigators®

An informative list of frequently asked questions that patients may have about biomarker testing. The flashcard may help provide patients with a clearer understanding of what occurs with biomarker testing and may help better inform their treatment decisions

Provides a patient-directed overview about biomarker testing, what is involved, and what to expect with the testing process

A short discussion guide to help patients navigate conversations with their healthcare providers. The questions offer a linear path to help patients understand what tests they may need and what the results of those tests mean for them

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KRAS, Kirsten rat sarcoma; NGS, next-generation sequencing; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer.